Start packaging wine in Tetra Pak carton packages in 5 easy steps

Start packaging wine in carton packages

The market for wine in carton packages is rapidly growing, and it has never been easier to get started. Whether you are a wine producer or a brand owner, Tetra Pak can help you get underway with packaging wine in cartons. Here is our simple guide to the steps you should take and what you need to consider.

1. Evaluate adding carton packages to your product portfolio. Packaging is one of wine’s key differentiators. With carton packaging you can easily meet a growing demand for varying sizes, including single servings, and reduce costs for storage, shipping and materials.

2. Contact your local Tetra Pak sales office. Tetra Pak has operations in 170 countries and extensive knowledge and expertise in wine consumption and packaging trends. We can help you select the partner that is right for your business. Find your local office here.

3. Do a test with a small batch. To find out what works best in your market, Tetra Pak can help you find a partner to do a test run with carton packages. Each co-packer in our network has a different profile, with some specializing in price, high volumes or different package formats.

4. Design your business model. We can help you decide whether you should co-pack or invest in your own line. If you have high volumes, it could be worthwhile to have your own line. Tetra Pak has three types of filling machines for wine carton packaging. The Tetra Pak®A3/Flex enables you to easily switch between different shapes and sizes, while the Tetra Pak®A3/CompactFlex offers maximum flexibility with minimum space. The Tetra Pak®A3/Speed has the highest package output in the industry at the lowest possible operational cost.

5. Continue growing your business. Tetra Pak’s global operations mean that we have unique insights into trends and developments in the wine market. We work closely with our customers in an ongoing partnership to explore potential opportunities, define brand positioning, design the carton packages, evaluate consumer feedback and help the customer deliver innovative product solutions that meet their own needs, as well as those of the consumer.


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