4 occasions when life is easier with wine in a carton package

life is easier with wine in a carton package

More and more premium wines are being packaged in carton packages today. That’s because wine producers know that, aside from keeping the contents equally tasty, carton packages are also more convenient, easier to transport and more environmentally sound. Here are four occasions when choosing wine in a carton package will make your life simpler.

1. When all you want is one glass

We all know that feeling of coming home after a long day, ready to put your feet up, and all you want is a delicious glass of wine. But maybe you do not want to open – and therefore feel compelled to drink – a whole bottle. What about those recipes that call for a cup of white or red? With its re-sealable cap and stay-tight packaging, a carton is the ideal choice when you would prefer to save the rest for another day.

2. On the camping trip

The tent is finally pitched, the sun is slowly setting over the wilderness and you are ready for a glass of wine. But when you’re enjoying the great outdoors the last thing you want to discover in your backpack is broken glass and wine leaking all over your spare clothes. Wine in a carton is not only lighter to carry around on your back all day, it is also more durable than many packaging alternatives in the rough-and-tumble of hiking. And it has a screw cap that you can rely on to stay sealed after you have re-closed it.

3. Finding the perfect gift for your eco-minded friends

Going for dinner with that environmentally conscious couple?  If you want to get them a gift that’s sure to be appreciated and that you can enjoy together, look no further than wine in a carton package. Carton has a lower CO2 footprint than other packaging, is recyclable and lightweight. So they’ll be happy when they open it, and so will you!

4. A super souvenir

When the holiday has come to an end and all you have to remember it by is your rapidly fading tan, what better way to re-live those treasured moments than enjoying the wine you brought back home with you? You’ll be glad you bought that nice, light, easy-to-pack boxed wine you bought – unlike your friend who ended up having to pay a fine for excess weight at the airport. Carton is lighter, less bulky and easier to transport, making it the ideal choice for your suitcase.

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