Assess wine carton package climate impact with our CO2 calculator

reduce CO2 emissions

Knowledge that carton packages have a smaller environmental footprint than other wine packaging options is growing among wine producers.

Indeed, sustainably minded wine producers seeking to minimise the lifecycle climate impact of their products and operations are increasingly seizing on this characteristic of carton packages when choosing packaging systems.

But exactly how much carbon dioxide is emitted per carton package?

Our carton CO2 calculator shows you the CO2 equivalents (CO2e) – the CO2 footprint – of different carton packages, depending on their size and openings, up to the moment the packaging material leaves the factory. It takes into account the CO2 footprint of the raw material, the production of the layered packaging material, plus the biogenic carbon uptake in the material – that is, the amount of carbon dioxide that the wood from which the carton is made took up from the atmosphere when growing.


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