4 distribution chain benefits of wine in carton packages

4 distribution chain benefits of wine in carton packages

Packing wine in cartons means advantages throughout the distribution chain. Find out how carton packaging can lower shipping costs, and reduce both waste and carbon footprint compared to other package solutions.

1. Lower shipping and warehouse costs.

Wine packaged in cartons has a much greater pallet efficiency. This means more wine can be shipped on each pallet compared to other packaging methods. This leads to lower shipping and warehousing costs, and less storage space required.

2. Less waste with lightweight packaging.

Some packaging, such as glass bottles, require sturdy cardboard boxes to be shipped in. Cartons, however, can be packed in a much lighter box. This means less packaging waste, reduced weight, and more efficient shipping and storage.

3. No breakage.

Unlike other packaging methods, cartons don’t break. This creates savings throughout the entire value chain, from distributors to retailers.

4. The carbon footprint is three times less.

The carbon footprint of wine in cartons is about three times less than other packaging methods. This is due to pallet efficiency, lightweight packaging and less breakage. A study conducted by Bio Intelligence Service showed that carton packages create significantly less C02 than 750ml glass bottles.

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